To Tape, or Not To Tape…That is the Question

For years, athletes have been going to professionals to have therapeutic tape applied before a big game or match. This type of therapy helps ease joint and muscle pain, but it can be an inconvenient process to have it applied. Because therapeutic tape should be applied by a professional, it takes a great deal of practice to get it right.

To properly protect the joint or muscle, the tape should be applied before any strenuous physical activity that will involve the joint, which for many people is pretty much any activity. The need for a professional application of the tape makes it to inconvenient, and people will often save it for a “special event,” which isn’t good for the joint pain they experience. This is especially true if the pain is in a joint like the knee, which should be supported on a daily basis while at work or home.

For all of the benefits that therapeutic tape can offer, it is a hassle to learn how to apply it properly. The maintenance and removal can be a whole different kind of pain than it prevents. The tape will often leave behind a sticky residue that is not easily removed with soap and water. The tape is one-time use only, so each time you have to get new tape, which can get costly – quickly.

As an alternative to the therapeutic taping method, many people are now seeking the convenience of Vantelin Supports’ tape-in technology. They offer all of the benefits of taping without the hassle. Tape-in supports have therapeutic tape sewn directly into them, in the patterns appropriate for the joint type. The comfortable supports can simply be slipped on and off after activity, and don’t require a professional consultation each time. This makes them great for everyday use.

Tape-in supports are reusable and by using a quality support like Vantelin Supports, they will last a long time. They are just as discrete under clothing as therapeutic tape but again, can be easily removed and won’t leave a residue behind. With the convenience of Vantelin Supports, you no longer have to weigh the inconvenience of therapeutic tape with the hassle of it. This means you can use it more often to support your joints.
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