Sanjigen 3D Face Mask

Protect your lungs from dirty particles in the air with Sanjigen 3D Face Mask. Utilizing a snug design, comfortable materials and coupled with several layers of filters, this mask can block most particles from being inhaled, while being comfortable for all day wear.

FUNCTIONS & Features:

  • Double Ω (Omega) Processing
    Utilizing a unique production process, the mask has a three-dimensional structure that keeps the space between mouth and the mask for easy breathing and mouth movement.

  • Soft Type Ear-Loops
    Soft ear loops lessens pressure on the ear, reducing discomfort and ensuring comfortability for long periods of use.

  • Plastic Nose Fitting & Anti-Fog Film
    Utilizing a plastic nose fitter, helps the mask contour to the nose comfortably; coupled with the Anti-Fog Film, to help prevent glasses from fogging up.