Why do Vantelin Supports Have a Breathable Mesh Design?

Leaving a muscle unsupported can lead to swelling, which is why many people turn to support braces, such as a Vantelin Support Brace, for help. Quality support braces offer a comfortable level of compression and breathability that helps protect the muscle. Breathability of a support is especially important because it helps prevent overheating and chaffing.

Often times, you’ll need to wear a support on the affected area for several hours at a time. This is especially true if you’re doing physical activity, like exercise or playing sports. You’ll want the area to stay cool and dry. This is why Vantelin Supports have a breathable mesh design. It allows for air circulation through the support to prevent overheating to the injured area. The circulation also keeps the area under the support dry, so sweat buildup doesn’t cause irritation and chaffing.

The breathable mesh design the Vantelin Supports use also creates a more durable support brace. This durability and quality are important features to consider when purchasing a support. This is a therapeutic tool that you’ll have to wear regularly and will need through the hours of sporting and exercise. Even if you’re just wearing a brace during normal activities, repetitive motions can breakdown low-quality supports, and you may end up injuring yourself again before you realize it.

When a muscle is weak, localized compression helps to prevent swelling. Finding the right level of compression is a bit like the Goldilocks tale – you don’t want too much compression because it will hinder your circulation, and not enough compression won’t prevent swelling or provide extra support to the area. A support should give a feeling of pressure but still allow for movement. Try to choose a support that has therapeutic tape sewn into it. These are also referred to as “tape-in” supports. These provide specialized compression to the area and still allow for circulation and movement. Vantelin Supports take it a step further by incorporating therapeutic tape into their mesh design to further improve the compression and flexibility you want from a support brace.
Purchasing a support brace may seem like a simple task, but its use is so important  that you’ll definitely want to take some time to research your options. To learn more about tape-in supports or the breathable mesh design of Vantelin Supports, browse our website.